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Time flies so fast and its 2018. I haven’t been posting much on Facebook in 2017, mainly bit and pieces. Hopefully in 2018, I will be able to share more full wedding images.

Been shooting weddings for so many years, I have never posted a Best of <Insert Year Here> summary slideshow. So I thought I share one here. Its not really a Best of summary but really just some photos from different weddings that I personally like. I had the opportunity to tag along a wedding roadshow last year and so I was kind of “forced” to compile a nice slideshow to showcase some of the photos. As the original video was too long (over 500+ photos), here is first half of the video. Will share the second half next month. This series feature photos from late November 2014 to early February 2017. Hope you all enjoy this video.

Happy New Year everyone!


Memories from Wedding Moments Photography on Vimeo.

Charmaine contacted me when she came across the wedding images that I shot for one of her friends. We had a quick chat and she confirmed my services as per actual day photographer shortly. It was a very simple wedding, a short gatecrash follow by a solemnization at The Flutes. No rushing from place to place. Just relax, chill and spend more time with the guests, something a wedding photographer like myself really appreciates. I hope you will enjoy the images

I covered the actual day wedding of Romain and Janis over the long weekend just passed. Being a wedding day photographer, I would usually prefer to meet up with the couple before the wedding day so that I can introduce myself and break the ice. Unfortunately I only get to meet Janis as Romain is based in France.   As it turned out, Romain was a fun groom to work with and I got very comfortable shooting for him from the first time we met. For Romain and most of his brothers, this is the first time experiencing gate crashing. Its a small and intimate wedding but I’m sure everyone had a good time. Lots of laughter and happiness around. Here are some sneak peeks from the wedding.

Usually when the couple say “Our wedding is going to be very simple, no gatecrashing and etc”, alarm bells will goes off in my mind. I will be thinking will I get moments, candids and etc? This is one of the weddings where my fear was unfounded. Tons of moments to capture, so much so I didn’t feel tired from the wedding coverage. I was feeling high from all the moments that was going on around me. Time passed by so fast. It was my first time documenting a wedding at Alkaff Mansion and I was simply awed by the venue. I have seen images by other wedding photographers, but nothing beats being on the ground covering a wedding. I really had a great time at the wedding. Desley & Imelda, thank you for trusting me with your big day. I hope you all will like the images.

Lucas & Aiwei celebrated their wedding yesterday. Had a great time documenting their wedding. Sharing some images from their Same Day Edit highlights. I hope you will like the images.

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