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As a wedding day photographer, we have to keep track of the industry trend. Every year there will be a particular style of post processing that the industry favours. However, I think it is important to say that it doesn’t affect the way I shoot wedding. As with every wedding I document, my focus is to capture the moments, expression and joy of the day, to get that shot. The rest is just post processing. If you refer a more analog color tone, it can be done. If you prefer the cleaner and vibrant color tone, it can also be done.  For this wedding series, I have post processed using a more analog color toning. It subtly change the color tone so that the photos have a more organic feel vs the sterile clean digital feel. I hope you enjoy this series of photos

While most couples in Singapore probably had their portraits taken during their pre-wedding session, I always thought it might be nice to have a different variety of images on the actual day wedding. Hence I always asked for some time to get some portraits done on their wedding day. I once read that wedding photography are considered one of the most difficult genre of photography to specialise in. As a wedding day/actual day photographer, you have to be portrait photographer, photojournalist (documenting their big days) and even product photographer (gowns, rings and etc) all in one and you only have one chance on the wedding day to get the images and also at the mercy of the weather/environment. But having said all these, I still enjoy being a actual day photographer as I get to document one of the couple’s biggest day of their life.

Most of the time, I will share actual day photos but I thought I will do something different this time. Allow me to share the one image I shot at Fiona’s solemnisation and share how I made that image. The solemnisation was held at Pan Pacific Singapore last month. Pan Pacific is a nice hotel with various locations for nice portraits. Whilst the lunch was ongoing, I took a walk around the hotel to scout for new locations. As much as possible, I try not to repeat the same shot I did previously at the same location/angle. I chanced upon this place near the garden on the 4th or 5th floor. At first glance, it looks really normal but I like the little lamps and the reflective flooring. The biggest challenge was the lighting around the place was horrible. Ambiance mixed with daylight coming in from the garden side makes everything a nightmare.


2015-05-01 13.40.24


So I decided to kill the ambiance and use my own flash to lit the couple and I got the below image. I like the “lines” leading to the couple but I wish the reflection was a tad nicer.



I do see some flaws in the image and wish I could have done better, I am still pleased with the image. As a wedding day photographer working alone with very limited resources and time, its really challenging but I think nothing beats the satisfaction of a job well done for the couple.

And one more shot, my signature (as my fellow industry peers says of me) walking shot





For the past 5 years, we have been providing Instant Print service to our wedding couples as part of our wedding day photography bundles. Over the years, we have acquired some of the best equipment available in the market and trained up our Instant Print associates. We feel that we are now ready to offer this service to more wedding couples/corporate clients. We are in the process of setting up a new sister company to take over the Instant Print business. Meanwhile we would like to do a soft launch for our services and also take the opportunity to share with you the various services we are offering:

Instant Print by Wedding Moments Photography

At Wedding Moments Photography, we offer both Photo Booth and Roving Photographer Instant Print service. Depending on your requirements, you choose which setup you prefer. We charge the same rate for either service, no more headaches on which service to go for.

For Photo Booth Instant Print, we will bring a backdrop, studio lighting and fun props for your guest to enjoy.



For Roving Photographer Instant Print, our photographer will walk around and approach your guests to take photos.





Instant Table Shot Printing by Wedding Moments Photography

Usually at Chinese weddings, the couple will walk around and take group photos with the guests at every table. The problem here is that the photos will only be available to the guests weeks after the wedding photographer delivered the photos. With this service, we will deploy multiple high-speed printers so that as we take the table shots, the photos are being printed immediately so that your guests will go home with a copy of the photo. Everyone in the table will get a copy of the photo, not 1 per table, or 5 per table, our service commitment to you is 1 print per person. We understand how frustrating it is to receive only 1 print for a group of, say 5, people.



Live Projection by Wedding Moments Photography

Commonly known as Live Projection/Instant Projection/Live Feed, photos taken by our photographers will immediately be sent to the projector  for display on the big screen. From our experience, guests find it assuming to see themselves on the big screen and they enjoyed the service. For Live Projection, it is included as part of our 4 hour service package at no extra charge. It is an optional service, but trust us, your guests will love it.


Soft Launch Promotion

For the month of June, we are offering a $200 discount for any of our Instant Print package. Our usual Instant Print rate start from $680. Drop us an email at today to find out more about our service offering. Limited slots available.

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Jun Shi & YingYing celebrated their actual day wedding on one of the most popular dates for weddings last year. It also happen to clash with my wife’s graduation ceremony but I think they planned the itinerary such that the morning session ended early as I did mentioned about the ceremony during the meetup and I was able to make it in time to attend the graduation ceremony. I really glad I was able to document their wedding. I hope you will enjoy this series of images. Thank you Jun Shi and YingYing for having me as your actual day wedding photographer.

One of the things that terrifies me as a wedding day photographer on an actual day wedding is the lack of light as I prefer to cover a wedding day with available light as much as possible. When I stepped into Audrey’s house on their wedding day, I was surprised how bright it was. It was really really bright. Apparently her aunt changed every single fluorescent tube in the house. It was simply amazing. Good lighting makes the color pop and surely makes my job as a wedding day photographer so much easier. I had a great time covering their wedding. The weather was great, the entourage was awesome, I can’t really ask for more. I’m not a good writer, so I’m leaving you viewers here with selections from their wedding day. Big thanks to Dylan and Audrey for having me as your actual day wedding photographer.

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