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Fun loving couple, brothers and sisters. What are you going to get? A fun wedding. I had a blast documenting the wedding of Han Jie & Kristine. I hope you all will enjoy this series of photos. Thanks again for having me as your actual day wedding photographer.

A Causal Shoot in Punggol

Did a causal shoot for Kai Xun & Snowy last month. They wanted to have some photos with their BTO flat as a backdrop for memories and so we head off to Punggol and shot a few images there. Kudos to them for waking up so early and making their way to Punggol. I look forward to covering their actual day wedding next month. Hope you like this series of images.

Wedding Celebration of Frederick & Carolyn

Another thing about that scares me with regards to being an actual day wedding photographer is not being able to meet the couple before their wedding day. Frederick & Carolyn was such couple. I documented Frederick & Carolyn’s wedding day on behalf of a fellow wedding photographer, Apic Moments, as he was unavailable due to a change of the wedding date. I’m always worried about documenting wedding for couples whom I never met before as I won’t know what is their characters are like and whether we have the connection (which I feel is very important when it comes to wedding day photography). Fortunately both of them were easy to work with and we are able to “click” quickly and I’m very comfortable shooting for them. I had a great time documenting their wedding day.  Frederick & Carolyn, thank you for letting me document your wedding day. I hope you will enjoy the following series of images. For couples enjoy my works and are looking for a wedding day photographer, feel free to drop me an email at to find out more about my services.

A week of learning in Bali

Last week, I was away in Bali to attend a workshop conducted by Keda.Z and his Amazing Group with my team. I’m a big fan of Keda.Z and his amazing artwork. His images are so visual, dynamic and 3-dimensional. I was hoping to attend his workshop to learn how he visualize and shoot his images. When he announced his Bali workshop, I was literally camping at his Facebook page for registration. I still remembered the registration was opened on a Saturday afternoon. That weekend I was away to KL with my wife for a staycation. I was afraid that I will miss the registration while on the way there that I activated overseas data roaming and I was checking the Facebook for announcement at every opportunity. In fact, I asked my friend, Don of Forest Productions, to give me a call if the registration was opened. Lucky for me, the registration opened shortly after we reached KL and checked into the hotel. I quickly sent in my registration form and was lucky to secure a place in the workshop. I really learnt a lot at the workshop and big thanks to Keda and his team for feeding us to the max and arranging such an beautiful villa for our accommodation. I think I gained a few kilos since.  Below is an image taken at the workshop and post processed using the techniques taught.


Below are two images I shot a while back. Processed the images using post processing techniques taught.

And now for something special. I have spoken to Don, who is also a fellow attendee, to do a special one-off combined pre-wedding package for couples share our appreciation for such imagery. Drop me an email at to find out more details. Applicable to both local/overseas locations.

Wedding Celebration of Chia Ying & Kimberly

As a wedding photographer, one of the scariest words, in my opinion, is the word “Simple”. When I met Chia Ying & Kimberly, they told me they are going to keep their wedding simple, i.e. no gate crashing, cake cutting and etc. In a way, I love simple weddings as it means you have more time to interact with the guests on the wedding day. At the other hand, being the actual day wedding photographer I have to make  sure I find and capture the moments of the day which sometimes can be a challenge for simple weddings. I hope  you will like this series of images. Once again, thank you for having me as your wedding photographer.

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